The 10 Best Mobile Games of April ’13

evolveteam April 30, 2013 0
best mobile games of 2013 dead trigger

Dead Trigger

Shown at PAX East 2013 in the MOGA booth, Dead Trigger brings zombie horror to your Android device, along with MOGA Pro controller support. Select available missions from the start map screen and access in-game features: including an arena, casino, and shop. Collecting cash comes simple, as you earn currency by destroying zombies and completing objectives. Stack enough cash and weapon upgrades will soon follow.
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best mobile games of april 2013 fetch


Fetch is one of those games that requires nothing more than strategizing your next step. The main objective is to rescue your dog “from a mysterious fire hydrant that snatched the canine in the night!” The animated-inspired graphics are a cool touch and the inclusion of arcade-style high score leader boards add to its nostalgic appeal.
Download it Now at the Apple App Store for $4

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