The 10 Best Mobile Games of April ’13

evolveteam April 30, 2013 0
Best Mobile Games of April 2013 Dark Incursion

Dark Incursion

This hack-and-slasher places you in the shoes of Anya, a rebel on a mission to stop a secret military laboratory from creating biological weapons to destroy the planet. Plenty of engineered weapons are available, which like abilities, become more powerful as you progress through the game.
Download it Now at Google Play for $3.01

Best mobile games of april 2013 Injustice


NetheRealm Studios brings its widely successful fighter to the mobile market. The iOS version of the game allows for three-on-three action and lets players switch characters out by pressing the portrait icon on the top left or right. There’s also a card battle system mixed with motion controls. Tap and swipe across the touchscreen to perform attacks and combos. Best part: the mobile version can be synched with the Xbox 360 or PS3 games to unlock additional character outfits.
Download it Now at the Apple App Store for FREE

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