The 10 Best HTC One Cases Available Now

evolveteam May 3, 2013 0
best htc one cases spec flex view

Speck SmartFlex View

Owners of the One can show true adoration over the phone’s stunning display by putting it to great use. So whether you’re Skyping, playing Candy Crush Saga, or streaming Netflix on a road trip, Speck offers the best case for a hands-free viewing experience. Oh yea, the SmartFlex View also makes for a solid safeguard.
Buy it now at Speck for $35

Best HTC One Cases Case-Mate Touc Case

Case-Mate Tough Case

Those who fall under the accident-prone category can find sanctuary in Case-Mate’s dual-layered protection skin. Built from polycarbonate and silicon, the hard shell secures the handset on both the interior and exterior, plus its “streamlined design” makes for a slim fit in any pocket.
Buy it now at Case-Mate for $30

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