Telltale Releases The Inagural Episode From Tales From The Borderlands Today

Jager Robinson November 25, 2014 0

Sneak releases are stranger than all get out. They don’t really make sense and they are hard to plan for, but when they happen: awesome. The highly anticipated new title from Telltale Games, Tales From The Borderlands, releases its first episode today on select platforms. For those who don’t know and cannot guess from the title, the game will be Telltale’s version of certain characters stories from the Borderlands game series. Like other games from the studio, this will be an episodic series that concludes within the next 6 months, depending on the release windows for each episode.

The first episode will release on the PS4 and PS3, if you live in North America, and will be available on the PC worldwide. Xbox One will get this first episode, Zero Sum, tomorrow. If you are hoping to play this on the 360 or any PlayStation system worldwide, you must wait until December 3rd to experience the awesome goodness of Telltale games.

Again, sneak releases are weird and now we must keep an eye out for their other series, Game of Thrones, which is also supposed to release later this year (sometime around Christmas).

If you are a fan  of the series, be sure to stay tuned to Steam and PlayStation platforms for the release today!