Tech CEOs and Their Douchiest Moments

evolveteam August 11, 2014 1
Tech CEO Douchebags
Words by Ashley Rich

Some believe money and success can buy happiness. But one thing is for sure—it can’t buy humility and grace. Notoriety and wealth do bring out the ego in everyone. This couldn’t be truer than in the tech industry, where most of the top CEOs in the business are guilty for exuding their aggressive, crude, and insensitive personalities through a number of classless actions both on and off the computer screen.

When such touchy situations arise, a lot of these inflated egos simply “forget” how to properly deal with them. And out pops their inner douchery, a temperament they’ve tried to suppress or hide from the public throughout the years. Do the millions/billions these digital entrepreneurs make grant them a social pass or should they be held accountable for exhibiting the same social etiquette us normal folk manifest? Ask this exclusive crowd, they’ll certainly lean towards the former. It’s just the douchebag way. We invite you to get acquainted with some of the biggest Tech CEOs and Their Douchiest Moments.

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