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2011 Back To School Guide: The 10 Coolest USB Flash Drives

2011 Back To School Guide: The 10 Coolest USB Flash Drives

evolveteam August 19, 2011 2

Secure your computer files in style with these portable savers

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We Dare you to Touch this USB Lightsaber

evolveteam March 2, 2010 0

They might seem a little clunky, but they sure make for cool USB drives. Brandished with LEDs, these licensed collector’s items store up to 1GB of memory and are about 5″ in length, so

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Tengu Black Entertains During File Transfers

evolveteam February 1, 2010 0

Need something to entertain you while extracting music files and documents from you’re computer or laptop? The Tengu Black is a lip-syncing USB desktop gadget, and nothing compares to it. With a bright LED

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Unitek's SATA Hard Drive USB

evolveteam December 28, 2009 0

PC and Mac users with USB 3.0 functionality can utilize Unitek’s latest gadget. Their 5 Gbps USB can connect any SATA hard drive, which should result in a much faster connection time. Though 3.0

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LaCie's 2Big USB 3.0

evolveteam December 18, 2009 0

LaCie partners with Symwave to introduce the world’s first USB 3.0 Dual-Drive RAID Storage Solution. LaCie 2Big USB 3.0 provides record speed, racing up to 275

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May The Portable Force Be With You

evolveteam November 24, 2009 0

In a galaxy far, far away, a company named Tyme Machines sculpted limited edition Star Wars USB drives. Sure it aint Jabba the Hut or Darth Maul, but Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a

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DocuPen X Series Makes It's Mark

evolveteam November 9, 2009 1

There’s are a number of pen scanners on the market, but the new DocuPen X Serires is the clear standout. The device somehow manages to smudge 54MB of memory, Bluetooth, a miniscule OLED screen

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USB Key Card Reader Bizarre As They Come

evolveteam September 27, 2009 0

This odd USB drive supports DHC 2.0, SD, micro SDHC, microSD/T-flash, Sony M2, Memory Stick and MS Duo. For $12 it actually works wonders

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iTwin: File Sharing Done Properly

evolveteam September 15, 2009 0

Transferring files is always an annoyance., but this double-ended USB drive simplifies the problem. The iTwin remotely connects any computer over the internet, splitting into two (plugging into two different computers, laptops, etc.) and

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