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Stealth Is the Way In New Ninja Gaiden Trailer

evolveteam September 9, 2009 0

Get a glimpse of the new Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 for the PS3, due out at the end of the month. Pretty clever trailer

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evolveteam September 8, 2009 0

Here’s a great opportunity to expand your PS3 library or stack up on great Christmas gifts. Bestbuy is offering a Buy 1, Get 2nd 1/2 Off deal with their PS3 selection. Choose from over

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PS3 Blu-Link Universal Remote

evolveteam September 2, 2009 0

The SMK Blu-Link Universal Remote is exactly what couch potatoes yearn for. Here’s a device that combines a Bluetooth PS3 controller with a standard remote, supporting more than 400 standard and HDTV televisions and

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New PS3 Commercial Promoting Price Drop

evolveteam August 27, 2009 0

Sony’s picking up the pace. Pretty funny commercial

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Gamescom God of War III Screens

evolveteam August 19, 2009 0

A site for sore eyes indeed. Sony continues to hit us with great stuff this week. First the slim PS3 announcement, now these gorgeous screens

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PS3 Slim Priced and Set For September

evolveteam August 18, 2009 0

FYE, K-Mart and Sears have already started their pre-order campaign for the new slim PS3. Priced at $299, the system’s “supposedly” hitting stores the first week of September. Sony’s looking get their numbers up

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PS3 Dual Shocks Coming In Blue & Red

evolveteam July 29, 2009 0

Look children, the colors, the colors. Sony should have these out by October according to Engadget

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Zangief doing Oh Yukens? WTF?

evolveteam July 14, 2009 1

Now that Street Fighter IV is on PC’s across the nation, modders will go ballistic cracking the game code and toying with the each character’s specials. Somebody found a way to switch Zangief and

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I Aint Afraid Of No Sackboy!

evolveteam July 10, 2009 0

Next week LittleBigPlanet fans can download a number of Ghostbuster outfits. How adorable is that

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