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Microsoft's Natal Renamed & Revealed, Announce Games

evolveteam June 14, 2010 0

So at a pre-E3 bash in Los Angelas, Microsoft showed industry experts their previously named Project Natal project, now dubbed the Kinect. Scheduled to hit retail shelves November 4th, the motion-control peripheral looks to

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Update: New Project Natal Price Leak and Release Date

evolveteam June 9, 2010 0

Previous rumors had Microsoft’s Project Natal running for under $200, but now comes news. Now Edge Online reports Microsoft’s Project Natal peripheral will launch this October with a price tag of $149. In addition,

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Project Natal Price Leaked

evolveteam May 17, 2010 1

Webhallen didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger on the Project Natal pricing. The Sweedish retailer, along with two other sites (Game, MCV) have the Xbox 360 motion sensor peripheral running for $1,499 SEK, which

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Project Natal Peripheral Leaked

evolveteam April 28, 2010 1

Photos of the Project Natal hardware have been leaked. The hammerhead pod tilts in order to track player movement. These photos have not been confirmed and this might not be the final version, but

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Evolve Exclusive: Microsoft's Project Natal in Action

evolveteam February 22, 2010 3

The Evolve team took Microsoft up on their VIP invitation-only event at EZ Studios for a hands-on preview of the Xbox 360’s motion-sensor peripheral, Project Natal. Midtown, NYC welcomed industry experts to engage in

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Microsoft Muscle-Based Peripheral

evolveteam January 5, 2010 0

Back in October, Microsoft showcased their “muscle-based game controller” and kept Guitar Hero aficionados buzzing with air-guitar excitement. Sounds like things are going great because the company’s experimental division filed a patent application for

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Killer Instinct 3 Making It's Way To 360, W/ Natal Support?

evolveteam November 30, 2009 0

The last time Killer Instinct was seen on a console was during the 64-era, but Rare’s killer fighting game is set to make its return and debut on the Xbox 360. In an interview

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Project Natal Launch Details Leak?

evolveteam November 12, 2009 0

Someone over at MCV managed to leak Microsoft’s presumed Project Natal launch plans in advance. According to reports, Microsoft might be manufacturing 5 million Natals for a wordwide launch in November 2010; plus the

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Handheld Microsoft System Still A Possibility

evolveteam July 18, 2009 0

With the development of their motion-sensor app, Project Natal, all of Microsoft’s attention is clearly focused on taking out their biggest threat in the console wars: Nintendo. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking

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