Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D Footage Appears

evolveteam June 16, 2010 0

Since the announcement of the Nintendo 3DS at E3 2010, footage and screenshots of several games have shown up online. Isn’t that great? So here’s footage of what looks like a 3D port of

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Oh Sh*t, Metal Gear Solid Rising Gameplay Trailer

evolveteam June 14, 2010 1

Dude rips out a robot’s spine…a robot’s spine! Can’t take it anymore, can’t…take it anymore! Watch for yourself. [ ?posts_id=3774251&dest=-

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MGS: Peace Walker Collector's Edition Announced

evolveteam April 15, 2010 0

Pretty sure this news doesn’t come as a surprise, because pure greatness is always expected from the Metal Gear Solid franchise. At Gamestop, the Metal Gear Solid: Peace “Collector’s Edition” will be available along

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Solid Snakes Big Screen Adventure Canned

evolveteam January 11, 2010 0

It’s official…Solid Snake is no longer coming to the big screen. Producer Michael de Luca told Collider, “I don’t think it’s going to move forward because I got the sense that there may not

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