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The Gods Unleash God of War Trilogy in Europe

evolveteam March 24, 2010 0

The God of War Trilogy boxset is set to massacre Europe in April. If it wasn’t obvious from the title, the package contains all three titles in the anger management epic. Releasing at the

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Sony Entertains NBA's Best at the 2010 NBA Player's Lounge

evolveteam February 18, 2010 0

With the 2010 NBA All-Star Game taking over Dallas, Texas, Sony invited the league’s best to partake in their official NBA Players’ Lounge. Players enjoyed a variety of upcoming Sony exclusives, which included 2010’s

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Epic God of War III Trailer

evolveteam February 14, 2010 0

“Vengence, my creed!&#

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Kratos Rips Gamers a new A-Hole in March …

evolveteam February 1, 2010 0

Sony has leaked the word that God of War III will now drop on March 16. Still may seem to far away for the dedicated consumers. Also, SCEA released the final box art, and

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God of War III Collector's $10 Off @ Amazon

evolveteam December 16, 2009 0

Anyone who finds $100 for the God of War III: Ultimate Edition a little too steep for their pockets might find Amazon’s special more pleasing. Those who pre-order the item right now on the

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Evolve Exclusive: Sony's Present & Future Preview

evolveteam December 10, 2009 1

The Evolve team joined the exclusive crowd over at Sony’s Present & Future Preview event at the Openhouse Gallery in Soho. With their 2010 exclusives hovering above the crowd and third party blockbusters making

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God of War III Online Co-op?

evolveteam November 16, 2009 0

That’s the rumor floating around. During a recent Q&A with TheGamerAccess, Sony was asked,“Will God of War III have online cooperative modes?” Their response, “Yes.” Though it may sound like it is set in

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Sony Presents G.O.W III Ultimate Edition

evolveteam October 30, 2009 0

Give it another decade, this will become an artifact of mythical proportions. Sony continues to stuff this franchise down our throats, but we give Kratos a pass because of his OG status. This sculpted

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God of War III Demo Completes Collection

evolveteam September 24, 2009 1

Sony found the perfect incentive to push the God of War Collection (I and II) this holiday: Bundle it with a G.O.W. III demo. Eacy copy will include a voucher to download the demo

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