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Scream Writer Discusses Fourth Film

evolveteam February 1, 2010 0

IESB recently ran a Q & A with the Vampire Diaries and Scream writer Kevin Williamson, which was an interesting interview where Williamson discussed the progress of the fourth Scream film. Who’s returning, what’s

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Piranha 3-D HD Trailer

evolveteam January 19, 2010 0

The underwater massacre begins&#

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Halloween 2 Alternate Ending Revealed

evolveteam December 15, 2009 0

Those who loathed Rob Zombie’s take on the Halloween franchise…scream. Those who actually enjoyed it, here’s an easter egg for you

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Scream Creator Gushes More Sequel Details

evolveteam November 6, 2009 0

MTV continues to get these great exclusives. Scream writer Kevin Williamson caught up with the music/reality television channel and reveals a couple of interesting tidbits for the upcoming Scream

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Scream 4 Gets 3-D Treatment

evolveteam October 23, 2009 0

Riding the recent horror movie bandwagon, The Weinstein Company is looking to shoot Scream 4 in 3-D. In addition, Bloody Disgusting is also reporting director Wes Craven is closer than ever to returning. Franchise

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Halloween 3-D On Hold

evolveteam September 30, 2009 0

Journalist Nikki Finke breaks the news of Halloween 3-D being postponed. According to Finke, “Bob Weinstein shut down H3D pre-production “because Bob just felt it was rushing too fast.” This is actually good news

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Halloween 3-D Director Confirmed, No Shock Value

evolveteam September 21, 2009 0

My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier has been named as the official helmer of the third dimension adaptation of Halloween. Bloody-Disgusting and Dread Central reports he’ll be joined by familiar face, Todd Farmer,

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Halloween 3D Killing In Summer 2010

evolveteam August 31, 2009 0

It’s embarrassing enough Rob Zombie’s H2 didn’t perform what it was projected to at the box office, now co-Chairman of The Weinstien Company, Bob Weinstein, announces Halloween 3D is in the works for the

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Rob Zombie Resurrects Another Horror Classic

evolveteam August 28, 2009 0

Latino Review got the scoop that Rob Zombie’s next film will be none other than The Blob. Interesting transition there, lol. Here’s the what the trades report

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