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Adamo XPS Heat Sensitive Latch?

evolveteam October 19, 2009 0

The Dell Adamo XPS is a sight for sore eyes. But for $2,000 we might just stick with a MacBook. That was until we found out this micro-laptop comes with a heat-sensing strip on

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Dell Adamo XPS First Look

evolveteam October 7, 2009 0

Dell’s Adamo XPS makes the MacBook Air look like a paperweight. How durable could this netbook be

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Dell's Latitude Z Ready For Your Lap

evolveteam October 1, 2009 0

The price range of $1,799 might be a little overboard for the average non-MacBook laptop consumer, even with a $200 rebate, but Dell’s Latitude Z might be the best lap dance you ever payed

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Dell Adamo Makes MacBook Air Look Like Paper Weight

evolveteam September 10, 2009 0

9.99mm—what more can be said? That’s thinner than a iPhone. Dell’s Adamo laptop will surely put Apple’s MacBook Air in a tight corner when released. The thing is…no release date or specs have been

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