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Crackdown 2 Multiplayer Trailer

evolveteam March 18, 2010 0

Looks like you and your friends will have a blast, literally! Here’s a closer look at Crackdown 2’s multiplayer madness

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Fable III Announcement at X10

evolveteam February 4, 2010 0

Fable III, along with, Crackdown 2, Halo: Reach and Splinter Cell: Conviction, each highly anticipated follow ups to their respective franchises in their own right, are set to make their first public viewing next

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Zune HD Gets Crackdown'd

evolveteam September 17, 2009 0

The Zune Xbox 360 Series continues to expand with the addition of the Crackdown Zune HD. The action title joins the lineup amongst Microsoft’s other franchises such as Halo ODST, Gears of War 2

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Microsoft's E3 Conference

evolveteam June 2, 2009 0

Microsoft really sneaked into E3 this year and they came packing heat seeking missiles. Kicking off the festivities, a demonstration of the the latest Rock Band addition, The Beatles Edition, was displayed to the

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