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Scream 4 Teaser Trailer!!!

Scream 4 Teaser Trailer!!!

evolveteam October 18, 2010 0

Look what Officer Dewey dropped off at Spike’s 2010 Scream Awards. Ghostface is back! [ ?posts_id=4278157&dest=-

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Scream 4 Stabs Gilmore Girl

evolveteam June 16, 2010 1

An inside source for Ghouls on Film claims that Gilmore Girls favorite Lauren Graham is set to join the cast of Scream 4. Could she possibly be the infamous celebrity kill at the start

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Amazing Scream 4 Poster

evolveteam May 24, 2010 1

Now that’s a sick poster. Here’s a glimpse of the recent cast rumors. Scream 4, April 15, 2011!

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Scream 4 Resurrects Randy a Third Time?

evolveteam April 14, 2010 1

Gotta beat a dead horse someway or somehow in Hollywood. Horror site CHUD reveals the producers of “Scream 4” are working on bringing the horror-phile Randy Meeks (Jaime Kennedy) back to the franchise. How?

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Scream 4, Spring 2011

evolveteam March 24, 2010 0

Variety reports Dimension Films has finally greenlit “Scream 4” for an April 12, 2011 release. The surviving cast (Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courtney Cox Arquette) are all signed on to return, as well

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Scream Creator Gushes More Sequel Details

evolveteam November 6, 2009 0

MTV continues to get these great exclusives. Scream writer Kevin Williamson caught up with the music/reality television channel and reveals a couple of interesting tidbits for the upcoming Scream

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Scream 4 Gets 3-D Treatment

evolveteam October 23, 2009 0

Riding the recent horror movie bandwagon, The Weinstein Company is looking to shoot Scream 4 in 3-D. In addition, Bloody Disgusting is also reporting director Wes Craven is closer than ever to returning. Franchise

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Sindey Prescott Is Dead!

evolveteam June 19, 2009 0

It came from the camel’s mouth. Creator and writer of the Scream series, Kevin Williamson, tweeted, “Trying to figure out a Sid-less scenario. She won’t do it. This sucks.” A Scream film without Neve

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Deputy Dewey To The Rescue, Again!

evolveteam June 3, 2009 0

Looks like the Weinstein brothers are looking to reunite the old gang. With Scream 4 in development and original screenwriter Kevin Williamson tapped to write, now comes the casting. Entertainment Weekly reports that David

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