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Violight UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Kills all Mobile Germs

evolveteam June 23, 2010 0

It never comes to mind home many germs swarm your gadgets every time you use it or let a neighbor toy with. Violight cares for all mobile and media users and introduces the UV

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Leaked BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider and Web Kit Browser Pics

evolveteam May 21, 2010 0

Kudos to The Celluar Guru for snatching up these screenshots of the BlackBerry Bold 9800 Slider. Judging by the pics, the Slider features the new Blackberry OS 6.0, multi-touchscreen capability and a QWERTY keyboard.

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T-Mobile Preps New BlackBerry Colors

evolveteam May 20, 2010 2

All speculation is laid to rest as T-Mobile makes it official that they will add new colors to their BlackBerry lineup. The BlackBerry Curve 8520 retails for $49.99 with a two-year contract and comes

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BlackBerry Tablet Rumored for 2011

evolveteam May 4, 2010 0

Who knew? Unconfirmed reports state the BlackBerry Tablet, dubbed the “BlackPad,” is eyeing a 2011 release. The latest BlackBerry gizmo is being created by Research In Motion and is rumored to have a 8.9-inch

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Gelaskins' Stylin and Profilin with new Apple/Blackberry Cases

evolveteam March 24, 2010 0

How originally creative are these? Gelaskins is pushing their new line of protective cases for popular portable media devices such as iPods/iPhones and other smartphones. The latest designs feature eye-popping abstract and conceptual art

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Hybrid Blackberry Details Revealed

evolveteam February 9, 2010 0

Everyone wants to know the deal with the new touchscreen BlackBerry. Well new details have surfaced and they go a little something like this—a QWERTY keyboard, RIM’s WebKit browser, clickable screen and a possible

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Leaked 3G BlackBerry Pearl 2 Footage

evolveteam December 3, 2009 0

It’s gone through a number of name changes (100/Stratus/Striker), but everyone refers to it as the BlackBerry Pearl 2. Anyways, this leaked footage indicates the Pearl 2 model is slightly bigger than its predecessor,

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BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Unveiled

evolveteam November 20, 2009 0

Crackberry managed to get the scoop on the new BlackBerry Pearl 9100, which show the phone’s iconic pearl peripheral for a touchpad. All the dimensions pretty much look similar to previous models (ala 8100).

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inPulse BlackBerry Watch Up For Pre-Order

evolveteam October 26, 2009 0

Allerta has been announced as the main producer of the inPulse Smartwatch for BlackBerry, which is a safe indication that all text messages, incoming emails and other alerts will be Bluetooth enabled. Announced specs

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