Swatch Introducing Android-Compatible Smartwatch with Mobile Payment Systems

evolveteam February 6, 2015 0
Swatch Android watch

Bloomberg reports Swatch is planning on bringing its answer to the Apple watch to market within the next 90 days, and it will work with Android phones.

CEO Nick Hayek said during an interview the Swatch smartwatch will communicate via the internet without having to be charged, and let consumers make mobile payments while working with Android and Windows software. Curiously it remains unknown if the watch will work with iPhones, or if this is some sort of target on competing platforms.

The field of smartwatches and mobile payment options is becoming increasingly crowded, but Swatch’s claim of being able to be an internet connected phone without needing to be charged is deeply interesting. The compatibility with multiple software platforms is a big plus too. Can Swatch deliver on the claim?