Subaru BRZ Coupe Revealed Before Tokyo Motor Show 2011

evolveteam November 29, 2011 0
2013 Subaru BRZ coupe

The Japanese automaker has pulled the sheets off its new BRZ Coupe ahead of schedule, unveiling its production model before this week’s Tokyo Motor Show. Heavily compared to Toyota’s GT-86 vehicle, Subaru’s two-seat luxury vehicle is said to only power 200bhp and 151lb/ft of torque, while offering a six-speed manual or flappy paddle autobox measured at 4240mm long, 1775mm wide, and 1300mm high. If the similarities couldn’t get any more obvious, the Subaru BRZ Coupe is also said to bear a similar G-factor as the GT-86: weighing at 1220kg. Some auto experts have labeled the vehicle the GT-86 with Subaru badges plastered on the exterior. Judging from the spec sheet, that’s pretty accurate. Hopefully Subaru has something more enticing lined up for the Tokyo Motor Show.