Star Wars Battlefront 3 Footage Leaks Online

evolveteam October 14, 2014 0

Since its reemergence at E3 2014, fanboys have been clamoring to see gameplay footage of Star Wars Battlefront 3. Granted EA failed to provide such visuals for us at the domestic game show, that hasn’t stopped YouTube user Chr0m3xMoDz from offering up some pre-alpha gameplay. The video above is a pre-build of the Xbox 360 version, which doesn’t look so great.

Originally cancelled, Battlefront 3 was being developed by TimeSplitters staple Free Radical before the studio folded and LucasArts bailed on the project. EA has since taken over the property. Looking at the pre-build, it’s easy to judge the unreleased title on its frame-rate troubles and unpolished gameplay, though all hopes are the final version will be completely reworked for next-gen consoles.