Sony Offers Free Membership Time As Compensation For PSN Troubles

Jager Robinson January 2, 2015 0
PS Plus

Sony, with the industry leading PS4 at their back, has just tried to “show their appreciation” by giving all PlayStation players a little gift. For those who don’t know or have been doing other things this holiday season, PSN and Xbox Live have not been doing too hot. While Xbox Live was fixed realitively quickly after the major hacks, PSN stayed down for a bit longer… well… much longer. Sony though has announced that they will give PlatStation players two items in hopes that our minds would be put to rest.

PlayStation Plus Membership Extentions- What this means is that anyone who has a membership or free trail will be granted a 5-day extension to their membership plans. This is equal and fair compensation considering the service was down for around 5 days.

10% Store Discount- Yes, this is what it means. Every PlatStation user will be granted a one-time-use 10% off discount card for any game of their choosing. While that might not seem like a large amount of money as the most you can get off is around 6 dollars, it is still a nice way to say sorry.

So there it is. Sony’s apology. While network outages are common nowadays, this one was rather big and it is nice to see Sony actually trying to say sorry. While its not might, it is fair and players cannot complain too much by their peace offerings. Although we want to.