Sega Announces Alien: Isolation Safe Haven DLC Pack

evolveteam January 13, 2015 0
Alien Isolation Safe Haven

The latest and subsequently third DLC for the game Alien: Isolation dubbed Safe Haven has been released and comes with quite a few new goodies for players. One of the more intense additions to come with this pack is a mode called Savage Challenge, where the player is asked not only to complete ten various tasks without dying, but also while under a time limit as waves and waves of enemies come after them ferociously.

Also included in the DLC, like the two before it, is a brand new playable character. This time around you’ll play as the station’s communication’s officer known as Hughes, who in the story of the game is trapped in a room on the lower decks of the station and must complete various tasks in order to restore communications and then escape before he is devoured. As far as DLC goes, this one is definitely one of the most intense ones to come out in years, and is sure to bring people flocking to Alien: Isolation just for the challenges and have them stay for what has yet to come.