Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Leak Muddies the Note Line Future

evolveteam June 22, 2015 0

Prepare yourself for a summer filled with Samsung rumors. The upcoming Galaxy S6 Edge Plus and the Note 5 are already setting the interwebs afire. There has been a back and forth stream of rumors about the S6 Edge Plus, that has frankly left people’s heads swimming.

Initially slated to have a 5.5 inch display, the S6 Edge Plus was going to but just slightly smaller than the last version of the Note, the Samsung Note 4. Then the rumors grew the size out to the same as the Note 4, a 5.7 inch screen, and with the images shared by OnLeaks, we seem to be back to a 5.5 inch screen.

All these rumors come a few months before the expected announcement of the Note 5. With the S6 Edge Plus being so close in terms of size, what does it mean? Could this point to Samsung trying to standardize their lineups, or will we see a readjustment of what the stand alone Note line is intending to accomplish. Time will tell. Samsung has recently reiterated that they are plan to unveil the Note 5 in September.