Rumor: Grand Theft Auto V Los Santos Maps Leak

evolveteam November 17, 2011 0
Grand Theft Auto 5 Los Santos Maps

It hasn’t even been a good month since Rockstar Games announced Grand Theft Auto V and now the rumors are running rampant online. The latest one comes from DSOGaming, which claims to have exclusive GTA V image shots of the Los Santos maps. The site’s sources say the screens are legit and will be featured in the 2012 game, but advises that viewers should, “as always, take everything you’re going to see with a grain of salt.”

Update: Just shortly DSOGaming is changing their story, saying the screens are completely “bogus,” citing Image Error Analysis as their reference. IEA has announced that the images have been edited several times. Read the entire analysis here.

Also, check out GameRadar’s own claim of over 40 confirmed vehicles appearing in the first GTA V teaser. It’s a thorough analysis with screenshots of each vehicle. Check it out here.