Rockstar Finally Reveals GTA V Online Heists

evolveteam December 16, 2014 0
GTA V Heists

Finally, after an extensive time of development, Rockstar has unveiled multiplayer online heists information and play styles for Grand Theft Auto V. The only sad news is though, there is still no revealed release date for this function. But on a positive spin, there is now a release trailer with some amazing footage of these heists as well as interview with GTA Online Producer Imran Sawar, who also is the head of the mission design development team.

In this interview, Imran explains why it has taken so long to get these missions off the ground: “Our initial idea was to build on the concept of Story Mode heists to make a new gameplay experience for GTA Online that was more focused on cooperation, where everyone could play to their individual strengths and feel like they had a stake in the outcome.”

Imran goes on to say that these types of missions are much more difficult to develop since they would need to be multi-tiered and the fact that it had to accommodate multiple players made the missions even harder to program. So unfortunately, it seems like we won’t be getting to play these missions just yet, but when they come out it seems they are gonna be some of the best in the franchise. Currently there is no release date for online heists for GTA V.