Rising Thunder Beta Open to Public

evolveteam August 12, 2015 0

It seems as though everyone is getting into the fighting game spirit this year especially with this brand new fighting game from developer Radiant Entertainment which has been titled Rising Thunder. Radiant Entertainment together with some well-known people who are involved in the fighting game genre such as Seth Killian who has worked on the Street Fighter franchise, Tom Cannon who founded the famous EVO fighting game tournament series, and Tony Cannon who was the developer of the GGPO technology that most fighting games use as their netcode today have made what might be the most innovative PC fighting game of the year.

The game moving into alpha was a surprise to any gamers watching the new and twitter about its development when the official Rising Thunder twitter account just yesterday stated it was moving into the open alpha testing, which is great as before the open alpha players needed to have a special code given away in limited quantities on the official game site. With the aesthetic of fighting robots with unique abilities fighting against one another it is sure to be a game everyone is going to want in on for sure.