Ringly Looks to Make Smart Jewelry the Next Wearable Trend

evolveteam June 11, 2014 0
Ringly wearable

Anyone else here tired of rocking bulky smartwatches and large Bluetooth earpieces? Looks like there is a new contender making its way into the wearable market, one that’s ready to put a new spin on fashion-smart accessories. Ringly is a new piece of jewelry capable of sending notifications via Bluetooth LE from a smartphone via accompanying app.

The ring will notify the wearer of calls, texts, emails, and other notifications from various apps. It even alerts the user if the phone has been left behind somewhere (score). The message will come through as a vibration or lighting pattern that can be assigned to different updates. Luckily that’s not all this fancy piece of jewelry is good for.

The ring is crafted with 18K gold plating and semi-precious stones. It comes in different colors like black onyx, rainbow moonstone, pink sapphire, and emerald to match the outfit of the day. Now the only way the ring, or any device, can be properly affective is with good battery life. The company says its device can run for about three days on a full charge when powered in its original box.

At the moment, Ringly is currently trying to raise $60,000 to fund production of the first batch of rings that will ship out this fall. Also, the first 1,000 rings sold, will include a REAL diamond on the side of the ring where notifications are shown. So for the guys looking to impress their ladies this holiday season, might want to jump on this.

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