Retro-Active: X-Men: The Arcade Game

evolveteam May 1, 2009 0

So it’s time to dust off the limited two-button control pad, unnecessary RF-Unit and awkwardly designed light gun—Evolve takes you down videogame memory lane with our weekly Retro-Active report. Every Friday we’ll choose a classic from our treasure chest that we know gaming aficionados remember salivating over and still keep active amongst their gaming collection. Kicking off this week’s nostalgic festivities, we have an Arcade classic that best fits this weekend’s summer blockbuster release.

It’s only fit for Wolverine’s big weekend that we cover one of the X-Men’s greatest gaming adventures. How many of you remember playing this back in ’92?

An awesome line-up of playable characters (Cyclops, Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler and even Dazzler) and amazing graphics made X-Men: The Arcade Game one of the greatest multi-playing experiences of all-time. While the grammar and voice acting were atrocious, X-Men made up for it with its addictive game play, standing out from other beat’em ups like Final Fight and Double Dragon.

Every candy store and arcade was swarmed with teens and little kids feenin to get their hands on Magneto and his cronies. Hey, it’s still as memorable as when you had your first lip-lock. Well…You get the picture!