Retro-Active: Kid Icarus

evolveteam May 9, 2009 0
Retro-Active: Kid Icarus
Kid Icarus NES

This week’s the Famicon/NES gets love for bringing us one of the most entertaining platform titles of the 8-bit generation: Kid Icarus. We tap into the world of Pit—an angel trapped in the underworld, who must fight against Medusa and her minions with his magic bow, in order to retrieve the Sacred Treasures and restore balance in Angel Land.

Kid Icarus has been praised for its high quality graphics and sound effects, and continues to draw us back to the gray and black 2-button gamepad.

Kid Icarus NES Game

Rumors of a Kid Icarus remake have circulated the web since the Gamecube era. Pit’s addition to the latest Smash Bros. game has paved the way for his unofficial triumphant return. Nintendo hear our prayers, give Pit the next-gen treatment.