Retro-Active: Final Fantasy

evolveteam August 7, 2009 0

We can honestly say the phenomena behind role-playing games originated with the Final Fantasy series. As Square (now known as Square Enix these days) has become the most dominate RPG developer in the market, videogamers find themselves revisiting the tale of four Light Warriors who travel across three continents, rescue Princess Sara from the evil knight Garland and move forward on their mission to change the future for the good of mankind.

Final Fantasy introduces gamers to a number of gameplay modes, which range from an overworld map, town and dungeon maps, a battle screen, and a menu screen. The menu-based combat system provides three actions (Fight, Magic and Item) for combat during the intriguing turn-based battles and the different character classes and occupations make choosing favorites more difficult than the battles. The spacious inventory system and the use of magic spells turned this fantasy world into a virtual reality for NES owners.

With over 12 sequels and numerous spin-offs, Final Fantasy has cemented its legacy as one of the biggest and most profitable franchises in gaming history. Plus, its the only franchise that can continue to release remakes of the same game, that being Final Fantasy I, nearly every year and get away with it.