Reports of iPhone 6 Plus Crashes Continue to Surface

evolveteam October 27, 2014 0
iPHone 6 Plus

The iPhone 6 line has enjoyed record sales, and the feverish loyalty we’ve all come to expect from Apple’s product launches over the last 15 years. But this recent mobile launch has had more than a few bumps along the way; iOS 8 software problems and #bendgate are just a few. The latest is surrounding the mega device being incapable of holding a lot of apps.

AppleInsider points to a growing thread in the support forums for Apple about the potential software issue, with a growing number of complaints surrounding the 128 GB device crashing when reaching 700 or more apps. Just how many versions of Angry Birds are there?

Here is where it gets interesting, the system is crashing without interaction from the user. Starting with a fresh install and then manually reinstalling the apps does not fix the problem, but restoring to a previous image of the iPhone seems to have better luck.