Rapidmodz “Money Talks” PS3 Modded Controller

evolveteam December 14, 2012 0
Rapidmodz Money Talks PS3 Modded Contoller

Hardcore gamers in the market for a dope modded controller to go along with their Black Ops 2 or MOH: Warfighter experience should consider investing in Rapidmodz creation. The “Money Talks” 10 Mode Stealth Trigger Rapid Fire Controller might look all flash, but don’t be mislead by its flashy appearance as the gaming pad offers a huge payoff in performance.

According to the hardware customization specialists, the controller is “100% undetectable in all games.” Gamers can also switch modes quickly by hitting the synch button, plus adjust rapid fire to “any speed from 1 shots per second to 99, depending on specific gaming restrictions.” Sounds promising for any FPS.

Pick up a “Money Talks” PS3 dual-shock at Rapidmodz site for $100.