Rainbow Six Siege Producer Teases Beta

evolveteam June 13, 2014 2
Rainbow Six Siege

Although not what we expected, Rainbow Six: Siege looks great. Announced at E3 with what they call as “pre-alpha” footage, the shooter stole the show at Ubisoft’s press breifing. Now, producer Sebastien Labbe, is telling us that there is more to come.

Labbe says:

“Maybe a PR guy will kill me if I say so, what I can say is that for sure, we’re no different from other online shooters…. so if we wait until launch, I expect it will be too late.”

He also went on to share that the lines aren’t clearly defined for the game as it’s still early (we all know what happened to Patriots), but to stay tuned for new announcements. Sebastien could be just teasing us with some early looks at gameplay or what we all hope is in the future, a beta! Maybe Sony will continue their beta frenzy with a Rainbow Six: Siege beta for the PS4? We will see.