Raimi Hints At New Spider-Man Villains

evolveteam October 13, 2009 0

Right now director Sam Raimi has narrowed Spider-Man’s antagonist down to these two: The Lizard and Carnage. “I love the Lizard…There’s a great story there in the Marvel comic books about Dr. Connors. I’m less familiar with Carnage,” Raimi told MTV News. He still isn’t ready to squeal the baddies, saying “I’m not allowed to say at this point.” He did mention his choice will be dependent on how they fit into the Peter Parker storyline:

“Or maybe he has to grow in a way to overcome the villain…because there always seem to be stories of coming of age, of a young man growing up and learning things about life, so once we are identifying the exact movement that Peter has to grow to, I think the villain – and we’re trying this right now; we’re trying to choose a villain based on who would be the proper counter to that growth, so we really have dramatic conflict.”

No matter who they introduce, we’re sure Raimi won’t drop the ball again (ughhh…Venom!).