Pucker Vodka The Obvious Choice To Celebrate Valentine’s Day

evolveteam February 14, 2012 0
Pucker Vodka Flavors

Does Valentine’s Day bring out the flirt in you? Why not pair your mood with vodka that returns the favor, better yet, flavor. Pucker Vodka is so smooth, there’s no way it should have been labeled an alcohol. It teases your mouth with fruitful hints of flavor, which burst out in exceptional proportion to give you that right amount of sweet and zest you’d want from vodka. Pucker introduces four flavors (Sour Apple Sass, Cherry Tease, Grape Gone Wild, Citrus Squeeze), each sure to entice your taste buds with an inviting mix of alluring fruit flavors infused with 70-proof alcohol. Who ever knew that all-natural ingredients and strong vodka could make such a good couple? If you’re ready to enhance the mood this Valentine’s Day, pucker up with Pucker Vodka.