PSP GO! Concept Designs Surface

evolveteam April 29, 2009 1

Sony may have been outsold by Nintendo in the handheld market at a ratio of 4-1, but they haven’t given up on the PSP. 1up has got the morning’s rumor mill turning, alleging that Sony will be debuting the new UMD-less PSP 2, dubbed PSP Go! at this years E3 (June 2-4). They better not be playin’ with us either because the supposed features of the Go! easily put the DSi to shame.

We’re talking about:

    + Touch screen functionality
    + A wider screen w/ controls sliding from the rear (or underneath the screen)
    + No UMDs, but downloadable games and other mobile apps.
    + 8-16 gb of internal storage
    + A camera
    Still only one joystick

Scratch that, i guess “put to shame” was the wrong way to describe it, it literally is a DSi with a SSD.

With an announcement at E3 set and a stateside launch expected around October-November, all the concept models and fan created hoax’s floating around the web will probably dry up. But that dosent mean we can’t take a look back at some of the best of them.

The PSP Sidekick?

Probably the Most Believable Concept

The PSP Dual Screen

The PSP…wait wtf?

The PSP2 Codename: Cobalt