Prometheus Spoilers Leaked Online By Early Screening Tweeter

evolveteam May 17, 2012 0
Prometheus spoilers leaked online

We gave you fair warning: beware. A Twitter user by the name of Janany Nadhan (@JNadhan) caught an early screening of the highly anticipated sci-fi/horror blockbuster, Prometheus, and threw a few spoilers out there that might draw your attention or turn you away. Just know the tweeter practically spoils a majority of the film. Don’t blame us, we just report this stuff. Anyone looking to unravel the film’s plot twists and conclusion can move forward. Every one else, treat yourself to our gallery of the 10 Coolest ‘Prometheus’ Fan-Made Posters. That should hold you over for the next two weeks. If not, indulge in the Prometheus spoilers ahead.

[Source: Prometheus Forum]

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Prometheus spoilers leaked

Prometheus spoilers from early screening

Prometheus spoilers tweeted online

Prometheus spoiler