Project Cars Officially Canceled For The Wii U

Jager Robinson July 21, 2015 0

Project Cars has been around for awhile now and like most games for the current generation of consoles, it was on its way to the Wii U last.

Time and time again we have seen this and this won’t be the last time in Nintendo’s Wii U life cycle, but games simply cannot run in the Wii U. Project Cars just happened to point that out in a spectacular way.

In a report from a few months back, we said that they were optimizing the game to the Wii U and that progress was slow, well now they just canceled it all together. Ian Bell, head of the studio Slightly Mad has been quoted saying this: “As of now Project Cars is simply too much for the Wii U.”

A simple, yet powerful statement about the current state of Nintendo. A company that only has done well on its own coattails and often had problems with third party developers.

Bell went on to say that he is “eagerly awaiting news on Nintendo’s new hardware.” A nice touch for an otherwise now common statement that yet another game is leaving the Wii U market.