Predator PC Console Preys on Gaming Crowd

evolveteam July 6, 2010 1

Acer’s smokin’ hot new gaming desktop is for those who want to get their game on without losing out on frame rates. Their refreshed Predator AG7750 system will start from a dollar shy of $2,000 onwards, offering more than a decent gaming spec rig, with an Intel Core i7 930 2.8GHz processor running proceedings from within. It’s also aided by an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 470 graphics card with the ability to support another two 3D graphics cards, thanks to additional slots that are available on the motherboard. You will find the tricked out specs include 12GB of 1,333MHz DDR3 SDRAM, a 1.5TB 7,200 rpm hard drive, a mechanized door for its front panel and a color scheme that will certainly appeal to those who are into hardcore gaming.