Payday 2: Crimewave Edition To Hit Xbox One and PS4 Later This Year

Jager Robinson February 26, 2015 0

Payday 2, which sold as many as 9 million copies across all the platforms during its release in 2013, will follow the most recent gaming trend and re-release on the current generation consoles. Dubbed Payday 2: Crimewave Edition, the game will feature almost an entire years worth of DLC and quite a few pre-order bonuses if you choose to go that route.

To go along with the full load of DLC, Overkill has also stated that the game features an improved frame rate, better looking textures and a 1080p resolution. With nice visual upgrades, there is always a new character and that character is named “The Dentist”, which is scary enough if you are like most people in the world and hate going to the dentist.

Payday 2: Crimewave Edition hits Xbox One and PS4 in June, which is curious timing considering Rockstar has just announced that their coveted heists are coming on March 10th.

Some would say that Payday 2’s vast success was aided by Rockstar failing to include heists in their game’s window which makes this decision to re-release Payday 2 so intriguing. I guess once and for all, we can see where Payday’s true fan base lies and hopefully Overkill succeeds in their endeavor.

Be sure to check out their launch trailer above and comment if you think this is the right move for Overkill.