‘Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension’ Will Be in 3-D

evolveteam December 2, 2014 0
Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension

We all know the mythos. The first Paranormal Activity was a refreshing jolt of minimalist, low-budget horror, where as the second was a welcome exercise in recreation. But every installment after that just seemed to retread the same territory with diminishing returns. Let’s hope that the fifth official entry in the series – The Ghost Dimension – will reinvigorate this once-exhilirating cinematic universe.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that Paramount Pictures has decided to convert Paranormal Activity 5 to three dimensions in post-production. This could make for some truly jump-out-of-your-seat scares or, alternatively, just inundate the production with a litany of gimmick-dependent gags that may amuse but not really horrify. Whatever the result, prepare for your personal space to be invaded by some misbehaving apparitions.