Octopus 10-In-1 Mobile Adapter For $10

evolveteam August 27, 2009 0

Anyone in the market for a 10-in-1 USB charger for their mobile devices might find Nirvana with the Octopus USB Cable. You’re well aware an octopus has 8 tentacles, not 10; just had to throw that in there. Anyways, here’s a breakdown of each cable:

• Nokia 2.06mm (or 2mm)
• Nokia 3.5mm
• Sony PSP
• Motorola (V3 series) & HTC and other phones using USB Mini 5 pin as a charging port
• Micro USB (for Motorola V8…)
• LG
• Samsung (20P (s))
• Samsung (20P (M))
• Sony Ericsson Fast Port
• iPhone/iPod

For $10, you have to question the quality. You get what you pay for, but this seems like a steal here, especially for those wandering minds out there who always go through the day eating their battery and leaving their chargers at home.