Nolan North Confirms The Last Of Us 2

Jager Robinson June 30, 2015 0

It might not be a surprise to everyone, and certainly the audience didn’t think it was, but jump to the 1:06:24 mark in the video and Nolan North confirms what we have all been hoping for, The Last Of Us 2 is in development.

Yes, even though Nolan North’s character dies in The Last of Us, he is still able to confirm the production of the second one. Probably due to wonderful connections inside of Naughty Dog but also probably because his twin is in the game, Troy Baker.

The whole video is pretty darn entertaining and it is always wonderful to see a prolific voice actor get the love he deserves but this certainly topped the whole panel.

Also inside the panel was information on Visceral Game’s new Star Wars project led by his dear friend Amy Hennig, who was the director of the Uncharted series.

So be on the lookout for more The Last Of Us 2 news as Naughty Dog is sure to now release some information on the game!