Nintendo Talks Amiibo and New 3DS Shortages

evolveteam February 20, 2015 0
Nintendo 3DS Amiibo

President of Nintendo Iwata Satoru has come out to explain the reasons behind the rather small number of amiibos and new Nintendo 3DS systems that are being shipped out, as well as the rather erratic shipping schedule for orders placed. Nintendo Everything in a Q&A revealed that due to various port strikes on the western coast of the United States are to blame for the shortage of the new handheld system and its figurine partners. Iwata however has come out to admit that it is only the larger shipments such as the new 3DS and Amiibo that are impacted by this strike, games and other accessories are however having no issues whatsoever being transported to their proper destination due to air transportation. This isn’t the first time shipments have been held up due to labor strikes but thankfully this strike won’t impact Nintendo too much5 as well as its consumer base in America.