Nintendo 3DS Successor to Use Sharp’s Free Form Display?

evolveteam December 18, 2014 0
Nintendo Sharp Free Form Display

Last summer, Sharp showcased its Free From display technology, which lets the manufacturer create displays in any shape imaginable. While plans are to integrate the LCD screens inside cars, there is talk of possibly bringing it to portable gaming platform. Nintendo is said to be interested and will be the first client to adopt the technology for its next-gen handheld system. An anonymous source claims the Big N will develop a device to feature a donut-shaped design with a hole in the center of the screen. Hmmm…

The partnership between Nintendo and Sharp has been in place for the past several years, with the latter supplying its 3D display tech on 3DS systems. Despite a new Nintendo handheld being a long way off, Sharp doesn’t look to start mass production on its screens till early 2016. Both companies have yet to comment on the reports.