neXBox: 10 Awesome Xbox 720 Concept Designs

evolveteam May 23, 2012 1
Coolest Xbox 720 Concept Designs

E3 2012 is approaching and aside from Nintendo already stealing the show with the official public unveiling of the Wii U—all eyes are on Microsoft and whether the company will offer a first look at its next-gen Xbox system. Rumored specs and monikers (the Xbox 720) have plagued the Web as of late, but the true head-turners have been the insane concept designs for the highly anticipated gaming console. From enhanced 360 replicas to PC Desktop renditions, everyone envisions Microsoft’s new gaming powerhouse undergoing a facelift. The question is: Could the Xbox 720 look anything like these fan-made prototypes? Like we said, fingers crossed. Check out these 10 Awesome Xbox 720 Concept Designs.

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