New Zelda Wii U Game Announced, Hyrule Warriors Dated

evolveteam June 10, 2014 0

Nintendo announced a new and currently untitled Legend of Zelda Wii U game during its E3 Digital Event. Producer Eiji Aonuma explained that the development team wanted to return to the conventions of the earlier Zelda games for this outing.

Though only a few minutes of gameplay were shown during the presentation, the footage highlighted the vast, Skyrim-like world in which the game is set. Aonuma explained that in contrast to previous Zelda games, in where dungeons and locations were only available at certain points in the game, the gameplay path in the upcoming title is less linear.

Aonuma did not give any hints as to the game’s story or specific gameplay features, but the footage showed Link fighting a conspicuously mechanical-looking, laser-wielding monster with explosive arrows rather than the classic sword-and-shield.

In addition, Nintendo showed off some more features including a strong two-player cooperative element, for its spin-off game Hyrule Warriors and revealed that in addition to Link, gamers would be able to plays as Impa, Zelda, or Midna. The event also revealed the release date for the game: September 26.