New ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Shots Give Closer Look At Storm

evolveteam August 5, 2015 0

The previous installation of the X-Men films almost gave us the end of the mutant race. X-Men: Apocalypse could provide the end of the human race. Screenrant has gotten picture from Bryan Singer’s Instagram, revealing photos of Alexandra Shipp as a mohawked Storm watching a 1983 Cairo. For those who may be unaware, Storm was aligned with the villainous team for a short while. She is an orphan child who became a thief in Egypt. The new film seems to explore more of Storm’s origins than we have gotten before.

Like many of the films before, the character may struggle with her loyalty to the villains. Although Storm will be explored more in the film, it is uncertain how much of the character we will get- maybe it’s time for Storm to have her own film- at any rate, the image Singer posted via Instagram explores the both physical and metaphoric idea- a storm is coming. Storm is literally staring at Cairo in ruins. The film will serve as a franchise finale debuting May 27, 2016.