A New ‘Halloween’ Sequel in the Works, Script Draft Near Complete

evolveteam October 21, 2014 0
Halloween 2016

Michael Myers is coming home, again? Possibly in the near future, another Halloween film will be coming to a theater near you soon. Shock Till You Drop reported the news straight from the horse’s mouth, covering a press conference with current series producer Malek Akkad who provide insight of the progress of this upcoming sequel, revealing a script is already in progress:

“It’s been a joy to work with so many creative people – ten films. We’re working on eleven as we speak. We’re working on a script right now. A new draft – perfect timing – is supposed to hit the day before Halloween. Hopefully my Halloween night reading will be a good read.”

The last time we saw the iconic serial killer was in 2009 when Rob Zombie took to the directing chair. Since the rather terrible reviews and low box office success, the series has been