New Guild Wars 2 System to Revolutionize Gameplay

evolveteam April 24, 2015 0
New Guild Wars 2 System to Revolutionize Gameplay
Guild wars 2

Guild Wars 2 has revealed a new feature to be added in its latest expansion called Heart of Thorns that may very well change how the whole game works, this addition is called specialisations. In a rather long blog post, the game’s designer Jon Peters explains how traits, skills and a few more assets have been streamlined into one panel for easier access. Elite Specialisations, another new feature is said by Peters to allow for greater potential of diverse professions to be accessed. Peters goes on to explain the specifics on Specialisation:

“Each profession will have five core specializations corresponding to the old trait lines, the first step in customization will be to select three of the five core specs. These determine the basis for your other build choices: For example, an Elementalist may choose to specialize in Fire, Earth and Water magic. The ability to select one, two and finally three core specializations will unlock as you level your character from 1-80.”

Alongside this addition is new weapons, armors, skills and more to be associated with the reward tracks which are unlocked by using ‘Hero Points’ that are earned through various unexplained means. Finally a new mechanic is added that when a character hits level 80 in a particular profession they become something new, the only example so far being rangers becoming druids, and necromancers getting greatswords. Overall with all that’s going to be included in this update Guild Wars 2 is getting one step closer to becoming an even greater game than its predecessor.