New ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Trailer to Screen Before ‘Interstellar’

evolveteam September 29, 2014 0
avengers age of ultron

The premiere of The Avengers, which seems so distant now, marked the culmination of one of the most sophisticated, ambitious, daring, ingenious, and successful marking schemes that the film industry has ever produced. The likes of which, I might conjecture, will probably never be seen again. After several years spent in a disjointed, yet never disappointing, Marvel Cinematic Universe, after Tony Stark, Thor, Captain America and even the Hulk had individual go-rounds, The Avengers was announced to near-universal fanfare and anticipation.

For comparison’s sake, it was like the hype surrounding Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories multiplied by a thousand and injected with some unidentifiable cocktail of amphetamines. Indeed, just like that album, expectations were more than fulfilled; they were surpassed, obliterated even, setting a new paradigm for what blockbuster entertainment could be and do.

However, this puts all-the-more pressure on Avengers: Age of Ultron. Anticipation, again, is nearly crippling for fans of all stripes – every factoid, tidbit, and premature leak about the production is devoured with relish. Soon enough, though, there will be no need to look for crumbs like this; there will be something a little more substantial to chew on – namely, the first trailer for the film. It was revealed yesterday that we will get our first look at the movie before Chris Nolan’s come-back tent-pole Interstellar come early November.

You may not even have to wait that long: Marvel usually posts its trailers online a week before they are exhibited theatrically. So, take the hint, I would keep your eyes glued to your monitor toward the end of October.