NBA Live 15 Preview: Controls, Gameplay & Real-Time Physics

evolveteam October 29, 2014 0

Considering last year’s attempt to revive its basketball game series, it’s safe to say EA put in a L.A. Lakers performance with NBA Live 14. Sure, it’s near-three year hiatus hurt the franchise’s chances of making a huge impact, though many felt its rebirth on next-gen platforms should have been a crowning achievement for the studio. In b-ball terms, it didn’t even qualify to make the playoffs. But with a new year comes much promise of righting all its wrongs, which EA looks to do with the latest installment: NBA Live 15.

Implementing a new real-time physics engine to accommodate more authentic player reaction, along with fluid gameplay and simpler, yet tighter controls, the title shows just as much promise as the re-rebranded Charlotte Hornets team. EvolveTV correspondent Bunny Wilson caught up with Senior Game Designer, Ryan Santos, to discuss the game’s recent improvements. Is NBA Live 15 worth the GameFly rental? Take a look.